We previously reported that Windows 10 will be free for everyone, including pirates, according to Microsoft. This brought out massive speculation on how Microsoft is establishing their revenue stream with Microsoft eliminating their biggest potential market. Owe it all Microsoft’s executive vice president of operating system, Terry Myerson, who claimed that the free Windows 10 upgrade will be offered to genuine and non-genuine users alike.

Remember how the Vatican broke their backs trying to clarify or cover up Pope Francis’ statement that atheists can also enter heaven? Imagine the Microsoft team doing the same now. They’re offering more and more clarifying statements to accompany Myerson’s statement. We haven’t reached the ultimate truth yet, but it’s looking like Windows 10 isn’t letting Microsoft “atheists” into heaven after all.

Myerson put the final nail in the coffin to the primary question in everyone’s minds. The Microsoft executive issued a statement on the Windows blog over the weekend. Windows 10 will NOT be free to non-genuine copies of Windows. This is similar to our updated article on the issue here, but now we have better clarification from the man himself.

Prior to Windows pirates’ ability to always be one step ahead of Microsoft, those who had the non-genuine version had their desktop backgrounds replaced by a plain black wall with a brand that says that their version is not genuine. This little counterfeit deterrent measure is returning in Windows 10. Non-genuine Windows versions are affixed with a watermark that says that the version installed is not genuine. Currently there is no word if this measure is just cosmetic or if there will be any performance-hindering measures implemented as well.

Regardless of the limitations, Windows 10 will not be free for pirates. But some computers are packaged with a non-genuine version right off the box. For this market, Microsoft is preparing “very attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers” with their OEMs.

Myerson is still holding back some answers since Windows 10 is still technically in production stage. We don’t know if non-genuine users can still upgrade for free but with limitations or adware. Windows 10 is right around the corner with questions still left unanswered, but the message is clear: pirates don’t get a free pass.

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