When Marshall first entered the Philippine market in 2010, the brand released only two products, the Minor earphones and the Major headphones. Through the years, they have steadily grown in popularity, seeing the release of the Hanwell speakers and the over-ear Monitors. Now, on its fifth year donning the ears of Filipinos, Marshall introduces the Mode, Mode EQ, Acton, and Woburn to its extensive lineup.


Marshall Mode and Mode EQ headphones

Marshall Mode and Mode EQ both offer a huge sound in a small package. Customized drivers deliver high-output sound at minimal distortion, and the unique in-ear design anchors and provides a comfortable fit. The Mode comes in black with white brass while the Mode EQ comes in black with gold brass. They both have a remote feature with an updated wire clip, which allows you to easily attach the headphones to your T-shirt.

We were able to try out the Mode for ourselves. Even without the equalizer feature of its EQ counterpart, the Mode packs that punch for a cool mix between bass, mids, and highs. We like the subtle yet welcome design elements that adorn the Mode which make it stylish yet functional.

The Mode EQ features a unique EQ switch on the remote, allowing you to customize your sound experience even more. It lets you choose between two sound steps. EQ I, if you like a warmer, bass-heavy sound, and EQ II, if you prefer music brighter, with an emphasis on mids and highs. This is the earphones’ own internal customization outside of the usual equalizer adjustments found in devices.

The Marshall Mode retails for P3,150, while the Marshall Mode EQ is available for P4,450.


Marshall Acton speaker

This unit might look small in stature, but don’t let that fool you. The Acton, in black or cream, is an impressive and compact active stereo speaker that’s packing some serious power into its stout frame. Completing the ultimate set-up in your home or office, this pint-sized speaker will bring style and sound to even the smallest of spaces.

The Acton’s powerful deep bass seems to defy the laws of nature for its small size. Its Hi-Fi qualities packed into a classically designed and compact frame set the Acton apart, positioned to take on even the largest of competitors. Acton’s custom control 3 analogue interaction knobs allow you to fine tune it to the exact sound you desire.

The Marshall Acton is now available for P15,950.

1Marshall Woburn speaker

Just like the glory days of rock ’n’ roll, the Woburn is all about freedom, allowing you to play your music multiple ways. Make your music come alive, the Woburn is crafted to deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range. With its unique sound, design, and quality components, the Woburn is built to thrill.

This loudspeaker hits high trebles cleanly, handles low bass with ease, and has a clear and lifelike midrange. The analog treble, bass and volume knobs give you custom control of your sound. With two standby modes, power saver and standard, it also minimizes the speakers’ environmental impact when not actively in use. The overall experience is powerfully rendered music full of punch and drive.

The Marshall Woburn is now available for P28,500.

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