Goodyear hopes to address any empty battery anxiety future electric car owners will have. One of the concept tires they unveiled at the Geneva International Auto Show is designed to power the cars while they’re rolling down the road. The idea behind the BH03 is that it converts the heat you build up while driving on the road into electrical energy that can recharge the car.

Goodyear didn’t specify the details about the tire’s construction. But they say it has a layer of thermo-piezoelectric material, which is meant to capture and transform the generated heat. It’s also built with ultra-black textured patches that can absorb light and heat. So, for example, you’re parked outside on a hot summer’s day, the tires can also generate power for you then.

Again, this tire is a concept at the moment and it won’t hit the market anytime soon. They didn’t even specify yet how the electricity will make its way to the engine so that it can power the car. But it does give us hope of what we have in store in the future.

Source: Goodyear + CNET

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