While LG didn’t have their own press conference at Mobile World Congress this year, they did show off a few of their upcoming products including the highly anticipated LG G Flex2, a range of new mid-tier smartphones, and a pair of new smartwatches. While the LG G Flex2 has been shown off before, the MWC was the first time the company publicly showed off their new wearables.

The new smartwatches, the Urbane and Urbane LTE, feature classier designs and while the former is a standard smartwatch that runs Android Wear the latter features a whole new operating system from LG and features both LTE and NFC connectivity. The Urbane LTE works as a standalone device which can make calls via VoLTE as well as act as a walkie-talkie with PPT. The company also plans make the Urbane LTE work with future smart cars and mobile payment platforms.

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