Back from the future: the Honda Click 125i

The future is here! And it has two wheels, a smarter engine, loads of fuel-efficient features, and a futuristic swagger. If it had more bells and whistles, you might mistake it for the light bikes from Tron. This is the new Honda Click 125i.

I’m not a fan of two-wheeled vehicles, but the Honda Click does have me interested with its futuristic offerings. If I drove bikes, this would definitely be on my list of bikes to consider. Its safety and security measures make it safe enough for a two-wheeled beginner, but I would expect the adept to try it out more without a moment’s notice because of the higher specs.

Some would call it the scooter of the future. With what’s inside it, the Click might have a point. The Honda Click 125i is so named for its liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC 2-valve 125cc PGM-Fi engine. This system is Honda’s new Enhanced Smart Power (or eSP) system. The Click is the first bike to use this engine and system. It will result in lower friction, lower vibration, improved durability, reduced noise, and higher fuel efficiency.

The quieter drive is complemented by an ACG starter system which consumes less power for a smoother engine start. The fuel efficiency is from the Idling Stop feature that partially shuts the engine down while stationary. It uses a swing back motor which keeps the engine rotating, instead of shutting it off, during idle stops so you get a running start when you run the engine again.

As for power, the Click runs at 11.4 ps @ 8,500 rpm with a torque of 11.16 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. The scooter’s suspension is a telescopic front and a unit swing rear. Its cast wheels are 80/90-14 M/C 40P in front and 90/90-14 M/C 46P in rear. Its brakes are hydraulic and mechanical leading trailing in rear. These brakes are further supplemented by a Combined Brake System, which distributes the brake load to both the front and the rear wheel for more accurate braking. Expect drivers to be more confident and accurate with their braking.

And now, for the features. The Click is armed with loads of additional features that are as efficient and convenient as they are futuristic. LED head lights adorn the front of the bike. They provide both brighter illumination and lesser energy consumption. Underneath the seat is an extra-large compartment which can fit both personal belongings as well as a helmet. For added security, the side switch turns the engine off automatically once it’s engaged. Also for security, the brakes can be locked to prevent any movement while parked or on an incline. The Click was also styled ergonomically to fit the futuristic theme and ease of use that the bike stands for. Its front display is digitally shown using LCD screens. Its tail lights are redesigned to be more ergonomic but aggressive.

More numbers to crunch. The Click’s size is 1,921 x 683 x 1,096 mm. Its seat height is 765 mm. Ground clearance is at 135 mm. Its curb weight is 110 kg. Its fuel tank can accommodate 5.5 liters of gas.

The Honda Click 125i may also be modified through the Honda Accessory Group for start-up acessories. But for those looking for a vanilla experience with the Click, it is available in Pearl Horizon White, Asteroid Black Metallic, and Candy Rose Red. It will ship with the standard one year warranty but a few shops will offer a warranty for three years. The Honda Click 125i will retail for only P87,900. Definitely a high-end scooter to check out for that price point.

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