YouTube’s audience is as wide as the content available on the video streaming site. And kids are a large chunk of its audience (even though you’re supposed to be 13 years old or above to use the site). And that’s why YouTube is introducing YouTube Kids app. The app will be launched on Monday, February 23 and with it comes kid- and adult-friendly features:

Mobile-first app
Knowing how more and more youngsters are using smartphones and tablets, Google is launching YouTube Kids on Android devices first. There is no word yet if it will be available on iOS but we’re guessing an iOS version will come in the future.

Cleaner interface, streamlined content
Google took away some of the distracting elements of the main YouTube app, such as comments and many, many channel categories. Instead, YouTube Kids has four sections: television shows, music, educational content, and exploring top videos. You’ll get to see shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and educational clips from the likes of Khan Academy. The links and images are also bigger so it’ll be easier for kids to tap on the screen.

For the parents
If you’ve been worried about your kids finding the darker side of the Internet, YouTube for kids immediately censors words like “sex.” It’ll prompt them to “Try something else.” And if you’re worried the app will be a big timesink, parents can limit screen time within the app. This’ll make it password-enabled. Once the kid hits his or her time limit, the only way back in is with a password.

Ads and other information
And since this is Google, there will be ads. But according to Time, these will be vetted by the policy team of YouTube to make sure they’re still kid-friendly. And you don’t have to worry about the app collecting your child’s personal information because this app won’t be tied to Google accounts.

Source: Time + USA Today

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