If you’re leading a healthy lifestyle and need a better way to track your activities, Sports Resources Inc., exclusive distributor of Polar in the country, is bringing in the new M400 fitness tracker. The wearable device is a heart rate monitor and activity tracker built-in with GPS and Bluetooth Smart.

Polar M400-2

The M400 is water-resistant and features a high-contrast, high-resolution display for outdoor use. It comes with Smart Coaching feature to guide you while you train. It can track your pace, distance, and altitude, thanks to GPS. If you want to run while you’re abroad or discover new roads to try, the Back to Start feature will direct you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible.

This tracker can even keep tabs on your personal records and let you know when you break them. It will eventually even get the ability to notify you about calls, texts, Facebook and Twitter notifications, calendar alerts, and the like.

Polar M400-1

You can sync your training details with the Polar Flow web service and mobile app so you can keep track of your performance as well as share your accomplishments with others. The M400 will be available in black or white and will arrive in the country by the 4th week of February.

The Polar M400 will be sold at all RUNNR outlets and select Toby’s Sports stores. You can pre-order the device over at Toby’s website.

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