Why would you take advice on how to be a gentleman from a woman? Because let’s face it, you’re out to impress a lady. If it’s not a girl, it’s your lady boss. And we know you want to shut your mom up, too (isn’t she always on your case for not getting your hair trimmed?).

Now that that’s settled, here is how we would like to see you in the modern world:


Wear pink

Wearing pink or any other “girly” color doesn’t make you gay. In fact, it shows that you are confident about your masculinity and in touch with your feminine side (yes, you have one!). And don’t be afraid to hang out with us girls or gays. Homophobes are more than likely afraid of finding out who they really are.


Strong but gentle

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you have to be rough and tough all the time. Be kind not just to the ladies but also to the oldies, the kiddies, and the puppies.


Have a smart butler

Take advantage of technology, especially apps, to help you be the ladies’ man. Evernote helps you organize everything, allowing you to sync all your notes across different devices. Refer to Table Manners so you’ll know why we always glare at you when you rest your elbows on the table. And The Gentleman’s Guide to Life will tell you everything you need to know about being a respectable guy.

Not a stalker

It’s easy to be one when everything is accessible online. So what if your ex is seeing someone new? She’s moving on and so should you. You can’t start the healing process by checking her page every hour.


Pay (most of the time)

Most modern women would like to go Dutch. NOT. A traditional guy will always be appreciated. Offer to pay on the first date, always. On the third or fourth date, if we offer, let us (especially if it’s just for coffee or dessert) then pick up the tab again the next time.


Always punctual

“I lost track of time” is no longer a valid excuse in the digital age. Use technology to help you manage your time and be on time. There’s Rescue Time (time productivity meter), Remember The Milk (time and task manager), Focus Booster (self-explanatory), Toggl (project time tracker), and your alarm clock (duh). If you hit the snooze button too often, try Walk Me Up. It stops ringing only when you’ve walked a certain number of steps.


Buffed and groomed

While it’s a plus to have washboard abs, all we really want is to see you taking good care of yourself. Because if you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of us (not that we need taking care of though)? Eat right, exercise, and keep your nails short and clean.


Still traditional

This means you still open doors, write handwritten love notes or thank you letters (instead of email), give compliments, use a handkerchief, and even when you carry the heavy load for us, believe that we are all created equal.

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Candy Lykes
freelance writer/editor/photographer

Candy Villanueva-Lykes is a widely published writer and photographer here and abroad. Candy Villanueva-Lykes is a planet surfer, word weaver, pixel stitcher, light chaser, sun worshipper, and forever shaking off the sand between her toes.