The current C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 makes an astounding 650 hp from a supercharged, 6.2-liter V8. It’s a helluva car, capable of accelerating from naught to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, and comes with an estimated US$78,000 price tag. Expect it to sell like hotcakes among both collectors, track junkies, and anyone who’d like to give Porsche and Ferrari drivers a run for their money at the next stoplight.

But given a choice, would you take Chevrolet’s own version of hell’s bells or the Sith Lord’s Chevy? Commissioned by toy manufacturer Hot Wheels and brought to life by custom car maker PCW Brands, it’s based on a C5 Corvette (read: two generations older) and makes only 526 hp from a naturally aspirated C6-sourced, LS3 V8, but it reeks of pure malevolence.

With a styling motif clearly inspired by Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, the Vader Corvette makes Tim Burton’s original Batmobile look like a pussycat. The carbon and fiberglass bodywork is grafted onto a C5 chassis and given custom wheels and tires, with a 6-speed manual to work that V8 with. Weighing 50 percent lighter than the original C5, the Vader Corvette flies around a track with the agility of a TIE Fighter.

We know Darth Vader can pilot a pretty mean ship when he has to, so we wouldn’t bet on an ordinary driver against this particular Corvette, especially since it even has a drift brake lever for when Vader can’t just make it levitate around corners.

The Vader Corvette is a fully drivable machine with sinister effects like respirator sound effects emanating from the grille, light saber sounds playing from the red illuminated rocker panels, and a cockpit canopy that opens up like the Sith Lord’s helmet. No word yet if it comes with a PA system that makes your voice sound like James Earl Jones, but it’s very likely. (“Camaro, I am your father.”)

Price tag? A mere $250,000.  The Dark Side awaits any man willing to sell his soul for this ultimate Corvette.

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Andy Leuterio

Andy Leuterio is the owner of Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café and is the head coach of Alpha Training Systems.