For most of us beer is beer is beer. But for those that have taken the time to learn and really appreciate beer in all its forms are better persons all together.

Okay, I exaggerate. However, that exaggeration really isn’t that far off. Beer really is more than just a type of beverage to get you inebriated after a stressful day at work. Sure, beer does that but this hoppy nectar of the gods offer so much more. Here are a few examples of what you didn’t know you could do with beer besides drinking.

Clean with Beer

Who would have known that you could use beer to help with cleaning? First off, soaking your copper pots in beer for 5-10 minutes and then buff the surface will leave your copper pots shiny and new. You can also use flat beer as a wood polish. Using a soft cloth and flat beer, rub the cloth on your wooden furniture. You’ll have polished and rich-colored wooden furniture.

Cook with Beer

For chefs and foodies alike, this isn’t much of a secret. In fact, those that have tried beer-battered foods know that subtle flavor that beer provides. But don’t stop there. There’s more that beer can do to satisfy your foodie cravings. You can substitute beer (lager is recommended) instead of water when cooking rice. How about beer pancakes by using beer instead of milk.

Relax with Beer

While drinking your favorite beer at home to feel relaxed, why not give your feet a break as well. That’s right; give your feet a good beer soaking while watching your favorite show on TV. Beer has many nutrients and antioxidants such as Vitamin B Complex and pantothenic acid that help your skin. Also, the enzymes in beer soften calluses.

If that’s not enough relaxation and you’ve got unlimited amounts of beer, why not soak your whole body in it? Some European countries have beer spas that are widely visited not only by tourists but by locals as well. (Writer’s note: Invest in beer spas in the Philippines.)

While your body is relaxing in your beer spa, don’t leave your hair hanging. Beer can help liven up your dry, dull hair. There are beer shampoos available for purchase. If you can’t find one (or you’ve finished it all in your beer bath), you can make your own by boiling and reducing a cup of beer until it’s about 25% of its volume. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool then mix in your favorite shampoo to about the same volume as you started with.

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