MSI’s incredibly powerful gaming notebooks

Last October 30, MSI presented their new breed of gaming notebooks –  the GT72 Dominator, the GS70 Stealth, and the GS60 Ghost. These three offer the best in gaming performance that no other competitor can outmatch. Newly infused with the latest NVIDIA graphics, these notebooks are bundled with the latest gaming technology presented by MSI.

Given their names for easier recall, the Dominator, the Stealth, and the Ghost also belong to classifications which highlight which users they are suited for. The GT72 Dominator belongs to the GT Series, which are best suited for hardcore gamers looking for the absolute best in gaming performance. The GS70 Stealth and the GS60 Ghost belong to the GS Series, which combine performance and style into an ultra light and thin notebook.

These devices come with a flurry of features that showcase the evolution of MSI technology, including:


IPS Wide Viewing Display. Regardless of which angle you’re viewing your screen from (above, below, from the side), you’ll get consistent color reproduction, brightness, and accuracy, as if you’re viewing it from the front.

SteelSeries Engine. One of the most important aspects for gamers is keyboard customization. A wide array of key assignments give way to combos and commands important for every game. The SteelSeries Engine gives unlimited options on how to customize your keyboard. Besides the ability to assign every key and mouse button, you have the ability to create profiles for every user. Inside every profile, you can create four easily switchable layers of usage. For example, you can switch from chatting to gaming even while playing.

Super RAID 2. MSI delivers an exclusive in its storage drives. The Super RAID 2 uses three SSD’s in one device. Files are moved at up to 1500 MB/second speeds.

Exclusive Cooler Boost 2. Given the toll that gaming puts on a device, notebooks are prone to overheating. The MSI notebooks reduces this heating effect by 15 percent while keeping noise to a minimum.

Killer DoubleShot Pro. Only available in the GT72 Dominator, this features ensure stable latency when it comes to Internet connections in both wireless and LAN.


The GT72 Dominator is the most powerful in the pack. It’s outfitted with Intel Core i7 4710HQ+HM87 processors and a 32GB DDR 3 RAM. It’s 17.3″ with 1920 x 1080 resolution and Anti-Glare technology. Its graphics card is the new 8GB NVIDIA GTX 980M. Its SRP is P179,995.

The GS70 Stealth and the GS60 Ghost is incredibly thin and incredibly powerful. The notebook is around 21.8 mm and 2.6 kg. They are also equipped with Intel Core i7 4710HQ+HM87 processors and 16GB DDR 3 RAM. They come with NVIDIA’s 3GB GTX 970M video card. The Stealth is 17.3″ with 1920 x 1080 resolution and Anti-Glare technology. The Ghost is 15.6″ with 2880 x 1620 resolution (or in other words, 3K resolution). The Stealth is at P104,995, while the Ghost is at P109,995.

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