Remember Osmosis Jones from more than a decade ago? It was a live-action/animated film centered on an anthropomorphic white blood cell and a cold pill fighting to stop a virus from infecting their host body. You might want to consider having artificial Osmosis Joneses. Google’s next big project wants to pioneer health technology through nanoparticles which detect cancerous cells and potential heart attacks within an ample time before they happen. And it’s worth mentioning that this time frame is earlier than what is possible with current health technologies.

The nanoparticles enters the bloodstream through ingestion of a pill. From the outside, these particles are monitored through a sensor worn on the wrist.

Cancer has no definite cure and heart attacks are not cured after the fact. Google is going the other way by nipping it in the bud before it even begins. Tinier than a red blood cell, the nanoparticles will detect changes in the biochemistry of the bloodstream that signal the early signs of cancer. They will detect dislodged fat which might cause heart attacks. Other chemical imbalances which can trigger other diseases will also be detected.

These nanoparticles can be directed manually. They will be magnetic so a magnetic force can be used to direct them where they need to be.

The project is still in development so there are no guarantees for accuracy, expansion, and manufacturing. For all we know, the project may fall flat and shelved until a start-up picks up on it and develops the next best thing. Google has no apprehensions that it may cause some false positives, which means that it has to work closely with medical institutions to ensure guaranteed results.

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