If you’ve been following Apple for the past few months, you would have been bombarded with iPhone 6’s and Apple Watches. If you’ve dug deep enough, you would have discovered that their iconic iPod Classic has been discontinued. There were no funeral services, obituaries, or memorial services. The pioneer of portable music players has quietly ceased production last month after nearly thirteen years in the spotlight. Apple has been quite hush about this shushing, offering no explanation as to why one of its beloved devices is going to be killed off. But at a live event from The Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook offers a few words in memory of the iPod Classic.

He explains that the reason why the device was discontinued is because Apple, despite all its grandeur, no longer has access to the parts necessary for the iPod’s manufacturing. Simple as that. And despite catapulting Apple into the limelight more than a decade ago, it will not be redesigned to fit limited resources. Apple says it’s just not worth it to redesign the iPod Classic.

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