Microsoft is certainly busy as another piece of new technology rolls out less than a day after rumors of an impending smartwatch was sent through the grapevine. Skype announced a new near-real-time translation feature to its voice and video calls.

The add-on is simply called the Skype Translator. The update will roll out in a beta version for Windows 8 before the year ends.

Ever wondered how Starlord talked in English to all those aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy? He had a translator implanted into his brain. Skype wants to make that into a reality, but without the brain-implanting bit. Skype aims to improve existing translation and recognition technology.

Similar reports have surfaced months ago, but it’s only now that we know that a beta version will be released before the year ends.

What we’d like to know is how this might help make learning a new language easier.