Not everyone has an educational background on marketing. With entrepreneurship on the rise, knowledge on this important aspect of business is surely appreciated. But where would you get the time or the money to study a subject like marketing? Google is taking it upon itself to teach start-up companies the art of marketing. Kind actions coming from the company that was once a start-up itself and is currently residing in Silicon Valley, the world’s largest incubator for start-ups.


Google Primer's website

Google Primer’s website

Google Primer is an app, currently available only on the Apple Store, with an Android version already in the works. The app teaches start-ups by giving five minute lessons that are catered specifically for them. It includes tips and quizzes. Call it a specialized form of Coursera.

Now, if you know marketing already, your question might be “what’s Google got to gain for this?” We’re all cynics. Well, Google is looking to improve its ad-tech efficiency. They’ve noticed that their ad-tech products “widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros.” More educated start-ups does mean business for the ad-tech industry. Of course, we don’t mean to underline this marketing cynicism. Helping out start-ups is always a worthy cause. And without the cynicism, we’re looking at an advanced ad-tech program giving a tutorial for beginners who want to use it.

If you’ve got an Apple product, check it out and learn something new.

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