Here at 2nd Opinion, we place a plethora of gadgets under scrutiny to meet consumers’ high standards (see our Test section). This month, we put the wearable Jawbone UP to the test and it got a satisfying 9.2 score on our charts. But today, Jawbone has released a new version of its app that makes the wearable band optional. You can now enjoy the benefits of the wearable without owning it yourself. Provided you have an iPhone.

This new versions adds support to Apple’s own health features, the HealthKit and the Health app. From the iPhone 5s up, Apple has incorporated built-in health functionalities, like step tracking, that is incorporated perfectly with the new Jawbone UP app. Besides this, the app acts as a personal fitness alarm clock for tracking all things related to fitness, like your own workout schedule, medicine dosages, and weight watching.

We have to wonder what this means for Jawbone and other wearables all over the market, especially with the imminent release of the Apple Watch.

The UP for iPhone app is available for free on the App Store. However, this Apple-friendly version is separate from the version compatible with the UP wearable.


Source: 9to5Mac

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