Smart Communications, Inc. is bringing free internet access to the masses for the next two months. And nope, it is not meant to support your torrent downloading or VoIP needs. The initiative that will bring free online access to 66 million Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers is meant to encourage non-Internet users to utilize the their smartphones or Internet-capable feature phones.
The offer will be available until November 30, 2014 and it will give prepaid users 30MB worth of free data per day. Once you’ve hit the 30MB limit, you will be alerted that you’ve used up your allocation for the day. It will also prompt you to avail mobile Internet packages such as PisoNet and PowerApp. Smart execs claim the 30MB is enough for the daily use of average subscriber.
What will this free promo give you access to? Well, you can browse and post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; check your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail; search for information on Google and Wikipedia; and use navigation tools such as Google Maps and Waze. You can even book taxi or car service through Easy Taxi and Uber; listen to music on Spinnr; and shop online from stores like Zalora and Lazada.
As mentioned, video downloading, P2P sharing, VoIP, and messaging will be charged regular rates. They plan to bring online access to a wider range of people so exempting bandwidth-heavy activities is enforced.
Active prepaid subscribers of the three telcos are required to have at least P1 balance or are subscribed to any of the load buckets or promos. You will need to register daily by sending the message FREE to 9999.

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