Form factor8
Build quality8
Ease of use8
Value for money9
8.2Overall Score

The Beats Pill gives music lovers the remedy they need. This Beats by Dr. Dre Bluetooth speaker charms its way into our hearts with the combination of great sound and unique concept.

  • The Bluetooth speaker comes with a sturdy carrying case with carabiner for portability. It might not fit into slim laptop bags but it can easily fit into big purses or backpacks.
  • Mobility is at the heart of this portable speaker as it is lightweight and sized for carrying with one hand. At the same time, it feels sturdy and well-built.
  • Size doesn’t mean power. The Beats Pill might be tiny but it produces loud, detailed sound that can fill a small- or medium-sized room.
  • Bass is still respectable and mid- and high-range sounds remain relatively clear, even at higher volumes. Just don’t expect it to produce the same full sound as your giant audio systems.
  • The Beats Pill has audio input to let you connect non-Bluetooth music players to the speaker.
  • Oddly enough, it also comes with audio out port to connect the Beats Pill to an amplifier and serve as a pass-through of sorts for mobile devices with big audio systems. We’re not sure if there is a need for this but it’s an option you can explore.
  • We squeezed a respectable 10 hours out of the Beats Pill at modest volume levels.

The verdict:

The Beats Pill is an attractive mobile speaker option with its quirky concept, solid build, sound quality, and good battery life. However, its biggest barrier would still be the slightly expensive price tag.

Price: P12,500

Spec sheet:

Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC

I/O ports: MicroUSB, audio in, audio out

Accessories: 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, USB 2.0 charge/data cable, AC power adapter, carry case

Dimensions: 190.50 x 45.72mm, 0.31kg

Colors: Black, Red, White, Nicki-Pink

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Nicole Batac
Managing Editor

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